We’re partnering with select brands to create “Rodale Institute Approved” products that support regenerative organic agriculture.

When you see the Rodale Institute Approved logo, you’ll know that the product was grown and produced in a way that supports healthy soil, healthy people, and a healthy planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Rodale Institute Approved another standard or certification?

    Rodale Institute Approved is not another certification, and it’s different than Regenerative Organic Certification.

    How? Regenerative Organic Certification is a rigorous, high-bar standard for farms and producers who can show that their practices meet a number of stringent criteria for land, animal, and social health. You can read the full ROC framework at RegenOrganic.org.

    Rodale Institute Approved is a preamble to ROC. The Rodale Institute Approved label is awarded to select, certified organic brands. They may not be eligible for the full Regenerative Organic Certification yet, but they have proven their commitment to regenerative organic agriculture and are going above and beyond in their sourcing and farming practices.

  • Why should I buy Rodale Institute Approved products?

    If you purchase a product with the Rodale Institute Approved seal, you’ll know that your dollars are helping to heal the planet and transform lives through sound, regenerative farming practices.

    A portion of each sale also supports Rodale Institute research on best practices in regenerative organic agriculture and our farmer training programs.

  • Where can I find Rodale Institute Approved products?

    The first Rodale Institute Approved products will be available mid-2019. Look for them…

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