We’re partnering with select brands to create “Rodale Institute Approved” products that support regenerative organic agriculture.

When you see the Rodale Institute Approved logo, you’ll know that the product was grown and produced in a way that supports healthy soil, healthy people, and a healthy planet. A portion of the proceeds of these products support Rodale Institute’s mission.

Brand Partners

Meet our generous partner brands and the first Rodale Institute Approved products:

4track tea

4track’s Gone Green tea is a certified organic spring-grown sencha from Japan. A comforting, approachable green tea that’s easy to love.


Domaine Bousquet Wines

Certified organic Malbec and Chardonnay from a vineyard at the foothills of the Andes in Argentina. Domaine Bousquet is also certified fair trade and the world’s most awarded organic wine producer.

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Greensome Farms

Greensome Farms, an agtech start-up, is dedicated to the growth of regenerative organic agriculture and produces fruits, vegetables, beans, grains and herbs using regenerative organic techniques.

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Happy Family Organics

Organic baby food, farmed using regenerative organic practices. The “Rodale Institute Approved” seal can be found on their Apples, Kale & Oats, Pears, Squash & Oats, and Apples & Carrots baby food squeeze packs.

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Highwire Coffee Roasters

Certified organic blend sourced from family-owned farms. Blended for full flavor and roasted for a more developed body, Conscientious Objector delivers a juicy cup with real bass.


La Julia Organics

Argentinian producers of certified organic bovine grass-fed beef, valuing animal well-being, regenerative organic practices, and holistic management.

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New Chapter

Certified organic vitamins and supplements that honor the wisdom of nature and promote healing. New Chapter products with the “Rodale Institute Approved” seal include Fermented Booster Powders, Bone Strength Take Care™, and selected protein supplements.

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Organic Mechanics Premium Soil Amendments

Premium Blend Potting Soil: Ideal potting soil for growing food in containers, annuals, tropical plants and house plants. Retains moisture so you’ll water less often.

Planting Mix Compost Blend: Soil amendment to revitalize your garden soil. Works great in raised bed gardens.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Rodale Institute Approved?

    Rodale Institute Approved is Rodale Institute’s “seal of approval” on a product that has been grown or produced in a way that supports healthy soil, healthy people, and a healthy planet. Rodale Institute Approved represents a partnership between a brand that values regenerative organic practices and Rodale Institute, a global leader in regenerative organic research and education. These practices include pasture-based animal welfare, fairness for farmers and workers, and robust requirements for soil health and land management. These partnerships allow our organization to better educate consumers on why organic the healthiest option for people and the planet.

  • Is Rodale Institute Approved another standard or certification?

    No. Rodale Institute Approved is not another certification, and it’s different than the Regenerative Organic Certified™ (ROC) label recently launched by the Regenerative Organic Alliance, of which Rodale Institute is a founding member.

    How are they different? ROC is a rigorous, high-bar standard for farms and producers who can show that their practices meet a number of stringent criteria for land, animal, and social health. This certification requires an annual inspection and audit. You can read the full ROC framework at RegenOrganic.org.

    Rodale Institute Approved is a consumer-facing label and product endorsement awarded to select certified organic brands that are on a path towards embracing regenerative organic practices within the brand’s agricultural and supply chain practices. The Rodale Institute Approved label does not require the annual inspection and audit as is required by the ROC. However, all Rodale Institute Approved brands are allies of the Regenerative Organic Alliance and working towards achieving the Regenerative Organic Certified™ label.  A portion of the proceeds of Rodale Institute Approved products also support Rodale Institute’s mission.

  • Why should I buy Rodale Institute Approved Products?

    If you purchase a product with the Rodale Institute Approved seal, you’ll know that your dollars are helping to heal the planet and transform lives through sound, regenerative farming practices.

    A portion of each sale also supports Rodale Institute research on best practices in regenerative organic agriculture and our farmer training programs.

  • What are the benchmarks for becoming Rodale Institute Approved?

    Rodale Institute Approved partners are certified organic brands under the USDA Organic, IFOAM, or other accredited certifying bodies, yet are going above and beyond this standard by utilizing agricultural practices that improve soil health, animal welfare, and human well-being.

    Below are the benchmarks, agricultural practices, and business practices by which Rodale Institute is vetting Rodale Institute Approved partners:

    1. Brand must be certified organic under an accredited certifier.
    2. Brand must sign on to become an ally of the Regenerative Organic Alliance.
    3. Letter from the brand leader stating that the brand is on a path toward implementing regenerative organic practices as defined by the Regenerative Organic Alliance.
    4. Rodale Institute and the brand partner will review the brand’s progress towards regenerative organic practices after 12 months. Rodale Institute reserves the right to discontinue the endorsement if the brand has not taken agreed-upon steps towards Regenerative Organic practices.

    For more information about Rodale Institute Approved, and to begin the approval process, please contact Jeff Tkach, Chief Growth Officer, at Jeff.Tkach@RodaleInstitute.org.

  • How can I get my product Rodale Institute Approved?

    To be considered as a Rodale Institute Approved partner, please contact Jeff Tkach, Chief Growth Officer, at Jeff.Tkach@RodaleInstitute.org or 610-683-1405.

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