OPA Daytime Program

We know that for many, the appeal of Rodale Institute is our stunning educational campus, and learning more about our research. For those who are interested, we invite you to join in additional daytime programming. This is a small group setting with our expert staff members, and includes a tour of the farm, with a glimpse into our cutting-edge research. This program will run from 10AM- 2PM prior to the OPA dinner.


Daytime Programming includes:
• Wagon tour of the farm:

• Learn about Rodale Institute's Farming Systems Trial, America’s longest running, side-by-side comparison of organic and chemical agriculture.
• Learn about Rodale Institute's new research project with Stroud Water Research Center. The project focuses on improving farm productivity and profits while reducing water pollution associated with agricultural runoff.
• Learn about Rodale Institute's Vegetable Systems Trial, a long-term side-by-side comparison of biologically-based organic and chemically-based conventional vegetable production systems.
• Learn about Rodale Institute's research project focusing on utilizing Industrial Hemp as a cash or cover crop to address weed pest issues and enhance soil health in organic agriculture.

• Lunch with Organic Pioneer honorees

• Walking tour of the farm:

• Visit Rodale Institute's Organic Hog Facility to see a scalable model on how to increase hog production quantity while reducing labor, and still maintaining a high quality of life for the animal.
• Visit Rodale Institute's Honeybee Conservancy to see how honeybees are cared for in a treatment-free manner and learn about soil health practices to ensure a pollinator-friendly environment.

• Shop Rodale Institute Garden Store

For more information, contact Hallie Guiseppe at 610-683-1420 or hallie.guiseppe@rodaleinstitute.org.