The Soil Scientist will support all short- and long-term projects at Rodale Institute with a focus on measuring soil health in different agricultural systems. A strong emphasis will be placed on Regenerative Agroecosystem Analysis. He or she will be expected to work closely with other research scientists and lead outreach initiatives to educate the public and farmers on the benefits of improving soil health.  Strong oral and written communication skills are required.


  • Work closely with Rodale Institute scientists to integrate knowledge and expertise on soils with existing projects, especially the Farming Systems Trial and Vegetable Systems Trial.
  • Analyze and interpret scientific data.
  • Write and manage grants with internal and external partners to advance our understanding of regenerative organic agricultural systems.
  • Coordinate day to day operations of funded grants including but not limited to: field operations – tillage, planting, crop maintenance, harvesting, crop data collection, soil sampling, insect monitoring etc. Laboratory operations – sample preparation, sample analysis, and working knowledge of general laboratory protocols.
  • Be able to develop soil science curriculum for instructing the general public and beginning and existing farmers in organic agriculture.
  • Clearly communicate to the general public and scientific community the benefits of soil health and regenerative organic agriculture through written and oral communication.
  • Work with the Farm Operations, Research, and Communications teams to create outreach and education publications and presentations.
  • Develop collaborative and productive relationships with internal and external partners.
  • Oversee the timely execution of grant-funded projects, including budget management, timeline management, and instructions for field and lab technicians.
  • Conduct workshops and presentations at the Rodale Institute and worldwide.
  • Work with Grants Manager to submit grant proposals for additional funding for research, education, and outreach activities.


  • Minimum of four years in the field and/or laboratory research experience.
  • Strong background in crop production and soil science.
  • Attention to detail and ability to develop and maintain high-quality records and other documentation.
  • Skills in working, collaborating, and communicating in a team environment with individuals of diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to prioritize multiple activities.
  • Excellent organization skills with demonstrated written and oral skills for communicating technical information to growers and extension personnel.
  • Strong background in statistical analysis of field trial results.
  • Evidence of publications in peer-reviewed journals.


Ph.D. in Soil Science or similar concentration.


Travel is required regionally, nationally, and globally.  10-15% of the time as part of outreach and education efforts.


10% of effort.


70% of effort.


20% of effort.


To be trustful and respectful to all staff and visitors.


Send cover letter and resume to Elaine Macbeth at

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