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Argentina Farm Tour & OIA Annual Meeting

Rodale Institute Compost Production Specialist, Rick Carr, traveled to Argentina for a Farm Tour and OIA Annual Meeting. Rick was accompanied by other U.S. delegates including Mary Barbercheck - Penn State University, Leslie Zuck - Pennsylvania Certified Organic, Erin Silva - University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Tom Harding - Brice Institute. Upon arriving back in the states, Rick prepared a travel review of his time in Argentina. (more…)

Rodale Institute at Agronomy, Crop & Soil Science Conference

November 6-9, Dr. Kris Nichols and Dr. Gladis Zinati participated in the annual meeting of the Agronomy, Crop Science, and Soil Science Societies of America conference in Phoenix, AZ. About 5,000 scientists, students, extension agents, and agriculture research professionals attend this conference every year, with more than 3,000 abstracts shared in over 1,700 oral sessions or 1,400 posters. (more…)