Blooming Prairie Foundation Supports Rodale Institute Project

The Blooming Prairie Foundation (BPF) awarded Rodale Institute $10,000 to support the “Nutritive Quality Assessment of Organically and Conventionally Grown Oats” project.


This project serve the purpose of determining  if organically-managed oats can provide healthful products for consumers and increase farm income through the sale of high value products. By adding information on nutrient density to the 35 years’ worth of data from our Farming Systems Trial (FST), this research project is hypothesized to definitively show that organic agriculture is not only better for the environment, but better for human health.

The objectives of this project are to analyze the nutrient density of both organically and conventionally grown oats, measure the nutrient density of the soil, determine the nutritive quality of conventional and organic farming systems by examining the nutrient density of oats and the soil and the potential impacts of various farming practices, educate farmers, extension agents, scientists, and the public about the nutritive quality of farm production systems, and reduce agrochemical use through demonstrating regenerative organic agriculture builds soil health, which provides more nutritious food.

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