With more and more alarming news about climate change and declining human health, consumers are looking for tangible ways to make a difference.

That’s why Rodale Institute, the global leader in regenerative organic agriculture, is partnering with select brands to create “Rodale Institute Approved” products that support healthy, regenerative organic farming practices.

“Rodale Institute Approved” is not another standard or certification. Rather, it’s a recognition of farms and producers who are going above and beyond in their sourcing and farming practices. Rodale Institute Approved is Rodale Institute’s “seal of approval” on a product that has been grown or produced in a way that supports healthy soil, healthy people, and a healthy planet.

A portion of sales will also go to support Rodale Institute research and farmer training programs.

The first products on the market include organic wine from Domaine Bousquet of Argentina, organic coffee from Highwire Coffee Roasters in California, organic soil amendments from Pennsylvania-based Organic Mechanics, and organic produce from Greensome Farms. For more information on where to purchase these products, visit RodaleInstitute.org/RIApproved.

“Rodale Institute Approved represents a partnership between a brand that values regenerative organic practices and Rodale Institute,” said Jeff Tkach, chief growth officer for Rodale Institute. “These partnerships allow us to be directly in a consumer’s kitchen or garden educating them about important farming practices that affect their everyday lives.”

Labid Al Ameri, of Domaine Bosquet, said “We’re thrilled to work with Rodale Institute. We share the same vision for agriculture. We believe the organic approach is the best way to achieve quality while respecting the land and its sustainability. Our partnership goal is to show consumers that by purchasing organic products, not only they will find the highest quality, but it will also encourage more farmers to become organic and make our environment and land healthier.”

Remarks from other participating brands include:

  • Organic Mechanics President Mark Highland said “We are excited for this opportunity to collaborate with Rodale Institute, as we share Rodale’s passion for regenerative organic agriculture. Rodale Institute has been a pioneer in researching best practices in organic agriculture for almost a century, and we are proud to have Organic Mechanics products be selected as Rodale Institute Approved.”
  • Highwire Coffee Roasters Co-Founder Rich Avella said “We’re thrilled to work with Rodale Institute. This partnership validates the hard work of the farmers who grew the coffees that go into Conscientious Objector, and gives us a chance to share this coffee we blend, roast, and love with a like-minded audience.”
  • Greensome Farms CEO Kareem Brantley said “Greensome Farms is a pioneer in regenerative organic agriculture. We care deeply about global soil health. We understand that when soil is nurtured and farmed properly, pollution is reduced, more carbon is sequestered, and a higher quality of nutrient dense food is grown for consumption. Greensome Farms is on the forefront of this organic revolution and couldn’t be more excited to share our journey with you, as we harness the power of nature combined with technology to help farmers safely feed our planet, grow better tasting, more nutrient-dense food, and significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.”

Learn more about Rodale Institute Approved at RodaleInstitute.org/RIApproved.

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