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How to Create a Soil Community

The diverse ecosystems that are found in soil determine the productivity of the land. Without the billions of bacteria, millions of fungi and protozoa and the thousands of other critters […]

Updated on Apr 8, 2019

Overcoming Challenges of Reduced-Till Organic Corn

Organic grain producers have been relying on mechanical cultivation to manage weeds, using row cultivators between rows and rotary hoes or harrows over the rows. However, frequent soil cultivation weakens […]

Updated on Nov 12, 2018

New Brief Shows Pesticides Damage Soil Health

A new brief by Friends of the Earth summarizes the scientific connection between pesticide use and the death of soil microbiotic communities, a key pillar of regenerative organic agriculture. Compiling […]

Updated on Sep 20, 2019

Is Meat Ruining the Planet?

A Frightening Trend In the last few decades, factory farms have taken over the global meat supply. These consolidated, large-scale operations each raise hundreds to thousands of animals every year. […]

Updated on Nov 1, 2019

There’s a Solution to the Fight Over Clean Water

I’ve been watching as the media covers the new “Navigable Waters Protection Rule,” which was recently finalized by the Trump administration. The rule has been the subject of much debate. […]

Updated on Feb 4, 2020

Why Elizabeth Kucinich says YES to Organic

Since 1981, the Rodale Institute, America’s oldest organic research institute, has conducted North America’s longest side-by-side farming systems trial: comparing organic, conventional and, for the last handful of years, GMO […]

Updated on Apr 25, 2019

Literature Review: Crop & Livestock Integration

Organic Crops and Livestock Driven by consumer demand, organic food sales have increased from $3.6 billion in 1997 to $31.5 billion in 2013 (OTA, 2014) and $52.5 billion in 2018 […]

Updated on Aug 15, 2019

Improving the Ecosystem, One Tree at a Time

Tree As A Crop uses a simple concept that offers extraordinary potential to create ecological, social and economic health. Modeled on the natural cycle of planting, harvesting and replanting annual […]

Updated on Aug 8, 2019