VIDEO: What is your cow telling you?

Observation is a key element of good organic farm management, but it can take some practice to decipher what you're seeing especially when it comes to livestock. Dr. Hue Karreman, Rodale Institute veterinarian, explains the Cow Signals  method of reading the body language of cows to improve milk production and points out important signs that will tell you if your animals are in good health or otherwise.



Video courtesy of Organic Valley and Cow Signals. Homepage image by Paul Stevenson.

2 Responses to “VIDEO: What is your cow telling you?”

  1. Carey

    Thank you for the interesting talk on cow signals. We farm in New Zealand and our cows are outdoors all year round so it was new information for me to see how cows behave in barns.

  2. Jim Schwarz

    very interesting , I am an ex grassland dairy farmer , I enjoyed the video .
    One of my observations on some of the big herds is that they let the cows on to the fresh pasture (after milking) at will .
    I think they should hold the animals in a holding paddock and let them all access the fresh pasture at the same time .
    This caters to the “herd ” instincts and the late milkers (usually the cows at the lower end of the pecking order) as much access to fresh pasture as the “leaders”
    When the leaders have there full and stop grazing they dictate to the rest to stop grazing .
    One often sees the cows in the middle to the last of the milking spell when there is free access to the fresh pasture running down the to get some fresh pasture before the leaders have picked the eyes out of this fresh break


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