Veterans in Ag

Ariel Jennings is a full time student at Kutztown University and a Sergeant in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and has been enlisted since 2008. Ariel began her career as a human resources specialist until 2013 then transitioned to be a Paralegal for a full time position with the 337th Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BTSB) of the 55th Heavy Brigade Combat Team (HBCT ). She is currently stationed with the 28th Infantry Division HQ in Harrisburg, PA.

Augmented by a vegan diet, Ariel has always been interested in organic agriculture and being more connected with our natural resources. While in the military, she has seen how wasteful people can be and wants to find ways to prevent wasteful habits. She is also aware of how processed the military’s food is and how it affects soldiers. Overall, Ariel is driven to live a healthy lifestyle and wants to become more self-sustained and influence others to be more conscious of their health. After completing the Veteran Farming Training Program, Ariel wants to create her own organic garden and become an organic beekeeper.





Jordan Palkovic is a Pennsylvania Army National Guardsman from Wilkes-Barre, PA. where he has been an Intelligence Analyst since 2012. While enlisted, Jordan has supported the Homeland Response Force (HRF) and FEMA in various events, including the 2015 Papal Visit, the 2016 Democratic Convention, and the 2017 Presidential Inauguration.

Jordan has joined the Veteran Farming Training Program after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from Kutztown University because he wants to learn more about the organic farming industry and help restore his family farm in Lake Ariel, PA. The farm was originally established in 1924 by his great-grandparents. Following the passing of his great-grandmother in 2014, his father Michael purchased the farm and has been restoring it since. After completing the program, Jordan wants to bring the teachings of the Veteran Farming Training Program home to help his family use their resources in the most sustainable way possible.

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  1. Milena Fiore

    Good morning,

    I am Executive Director of ReScape California. We provide qualification training in 7 sustainable principles to cities, municipalities, water districts, landscape professional, gardeners, community groups. I am in the middle of establishing a workforce development program and would like to specifically train veterans. Your program is inspiring! Would you be able to refer me to some veterans’ groups about which you are aware? Or any other resources that would support me to connect with the right agencies?

    Thank you- and much gratitude for your great program. I know that it is making a wonderful difference.

    Milena Fiore

  2. Vasilia Forti

    I am a vet looking to start a biodynamic farm. Can you send me info on your programs?

    Thank you,


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