weed management

Early season weed control: Part 1

By Klaas and Mary-Howell Martens, Lakeview Orangic Grain Originally posted on January 27, 2005 Welcome to the first installment in this three-part series–a basic primmer about weeds, tools, and techniques–which will be followed by a more in-depth look at equipment … Continued

A truly regenerative agriculture

By Kyle Holzhueter Originally posted on January 7, 2005 Editor’s Note: A shorter version of this article appears in the Jan./Feb. 2005 issue of PASA Passages, the newsletter of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (www.pasafarming.org) Imagine assembling a self-contained, … Continued

Smoothing the path to a profitable harvest home

By Mary-Howell Martens (with Klaas’ help), Lakeview Organic Grain Originally posted on September 28, 2004 Standing out in your field, surrounded by those amber waves of grain or rustling corn stalks, it is hard to imagine that the value of … Continued

A future for organic apple growing in the Northeast

By Laura Sayre Originally posted on May 11, 2004 The USDA Economic Research Service tells us that in 2001 (the most recent year for which totals are available) there were 12,189 acres of certified organic apple orchards nationwide, up from … Continued

100 ideas for improving yield and income

By Mary-Howell Martens (with Klaas’ help!), Lakeview Organic Grain Originally posted on January 12, 2004 After a delightful Christmas visit with family in North Carolina, we drove north past Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, with red clay furrows in fall-plowed fields. As … Continued

Why making organic the norm is important

Klaas responds to a question about last month’s column, Lakeview Organic Grain Originally posted on December 16, 2003 From the Dakotas to the Texas Panhandle, the rural Great Plains has been losing people for 70 years, a slow demographic collapse. … Continued

February: Being self-sufficient starts with the food on our table, but it doesn’t end there

By Mary-Howell Martens (with Klaas’ help!), Lakeview Organic Grain Originally posted on February 10, 2003 A favorite activity in February is to study the hatchery catalogs and dream about summertime flocks. I guess I’ve planted enough vegetable gardens over the … Continued