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(Almost) never too late to plant hairy vetch

By Genevieve Slocum with Dave Wilson Originally posted February 5, 2009 As a research intern at the Rodale Institute in 2006, I was lucky to be part of a dormant seeding trial using, creatively, the winter annual cover crop hairy … Continued

“Grazing taller” captures benefits for pasture, cattle and building soil

By Abe Collins Originally posted on June 8, 2006 As an all grass, no-grain dairy, we pay close attention to our grazing. Our experience with transitioning from management intensive grazing (MIG) to Holistic Management planned grazing on Cimarron Farm has … Continued

Cover-cropping guru Steve Groff champions fall-planted forage radish mixes to renovate field lanes

By Greg Bowman Originally posted on November 10, 2005 Steve Groff is endlessly curious about new ways to use cover crops to build up his soil. A current interest is how to make forage radishes work in tandem with other … Continued

Using the ordinary to cultivate the mysterious power of indigenous microorganisms

By Lisa M. Hamilton Originally posted in April 2004 Who wouldn’t be suspicious? Right from the get-go this workshop is promising cure-all concoctions that bring new life to everything they touch. The potions work in ways that are difficult to … Continued

100 ideas for improving yield and income

By Mary-Howell Martens (with Klaas’ help!), Lakeview Organic Grain Originally posted on January 12, 2004 After a delightful Christmas visit with family in North Carolina, we drove north past Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, with red clay furrows in fall-plowed fields. As … Continued