Cover crops go round three with black plastic

By Lindsey Brielle This is the third year of our three-year Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) grant that is exploring alternatives to black plastic. Rodale Institute is collaborating with four other farms for this study: John and Aimee Good … Continued

Black plastic alternatives: Fertility, variety, seasonality

By Eric Winter, Rodale Institute Seasonal Research Technician This is year two of the three-year Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) grant that is investigating alternatives to black plastic. Since the end of year one (see the article Black Plastic … Continued

Black plastic alternatives: Year 1

By┬áSandra Wayman The challenge Is it possible to grow vegetables organically without black plastic, while controlling weeds and producing a decent yield? Can this system also benefit the soil and reduced costs? These were the questions that the Rodale Institute … Continued

Escape from black plastic!

By Alison Grantham Black plastic mulch does many things well for vegetable farmers, but its cost, disposal issues and environmental downsides continue to drive research into cover crop mulches that achieve the good without so much bad. To help more … Continued

Cover-cropping guru Steve Groff champions fall-planted forage radish mixes to renovate field lanes

By Greg Bowman Originally posted on November 10, 2005 Steve Groff is endlessly curious about new ways to use cover crops to build up his soil. A current interest is how to make forage radishes work in tandem with other … Continued