Cover crops go round three with black plastic

By Lindsey Brielle This is the third year of our three-year Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) grant that is exploring alternatives to black plastic. Rodale Institute is collaborating with four other farms for this study: John and Aimee Good … Continued

Black plastic alternatives: Fertility, variety, seasonality

By Eric Winter, Rodale Institute Seasonal Research Technician This is year two of the three-year Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) grant that is investigating alternatives to black plastic. Since the end of year one (see the article Black Plastic … Continued

A Complete How-To: On-farm AM fungus inoculum production

By Molly Lohman, Christine Ziegler-Ulsh and David Douds Originally published December 8, 2010 For the last 8 years, The Rodale Institute has partnered with the USDA-ARS to pioneer an On-Farm AM Fungus Inoculum Production System; a system which would make the economic … Continued

(Almost) never too late to plant hairy vetch

By Genevieve Slocum with Dave Wilson Originally posted February 5, 2009 As a research intern at the Rodale Institute in 2006, I was lucky to be part of a dormant seeding trial using, creatively, the winter annual cover crop hairy … Continued

Small is beautiful…and profitable

By Dan Sullivan Originally posted on June 8, 2006 In the shadows of towering twin 5-million-gallon checkerboard-painted water tanks supplying the modest northeast Philadelphia neighborhood of Somerton, a miracle is taking place. Here lies Somerton Tanks Farm, an experiment in … Continued