From dairy to cranberry

By Amanda Kimble-Evans Ruesch Century Farm ( has more than one claim to fame. They’re a 131-year old family farm that has seen four generations working the land, they were the first certified organic cranberry farm in Wisconsin, and they hand-rake … Continued

Getting started with pastured chickens, Part II

By Jean Nick Originally posted on July 14, 2005 Here’s a compilation of what we’ve learned from various sources (and trial and error) about getting started raising hens on pasture for egg production (we’ve also picked up a great deal of information on … Continued

Early season weed control: Part 2

By Klaas and Mary-Howell Martens, Lakeview Organic Grain Originally posted on February 10, 2005 The goal of blind cultivation is to remove the initial flushes of weeds when they are very small and most sensitive to disturbance. Blind cultivation takes … Continued