organic pioneer

Organic Pioneer: Bob Quinn

Bob Quinn is a fourth-generation farmer and tireless scientist who popularized the ancient khorasan wheat with his company Kamut International. He was one of the first 100 percent certified organic farms in Montana and made the connection between healthy whole-grains and artisan bread … Continued

Organic Pioneer: Kathleen Merrigan

USDA’s Deputy Secretary of Agriculture. Kathleen Merrigan has served as USDA’s Deputy Secretary of Agriculture since 2009. While head of the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) from 1999 to 2001, she worked to develop USDA’s organic regulations, firmly establishing herself as … Continued

Organic Pioneer: Kim Tait

Owner and operator of certified organic Tait Farm and specialty foods company Tait Farm Foods. Kim Tait is probably best known for her part in reviving shrub, a popular colonial drink made with fruit and vinegar. But her dedication to … Continued

Organic Pioneer: Carla Castagnero

Co-founder and president of AgRecycle, Inc., one of the oldest composting companies in the country. This former lawyer tells us compost can change the world and she just might be right. Carla Castagnero is co-founder and President of AgRecycle, Inc., … Continued

Organic Pioneer: Dr. John Teasdale

Founding research leader of the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Lab. When the USDA decided the time had come for research on organic farming methods, John Teasdale was already out in the field doing it. Teasdale was a USDA Agricultural Research Service scientist stationed at … Continued

Organic Pioneer: Dr. Richard Harwood

This organic elder and research compass might be retired, but his guidance continues to inform the agricultural community. Dr. Richard Harwood charted the course for Rodale Institute research in the early days. Working side-by-side with Bob Rodale, Harwood pioneered the … Continued

Organic Pioneer: Maurice Small

This urban garden pied piper helps inner-city communities transform empty, blighted lots into green and growing nutritional and financial resources. Part farmer, part passionate activist and part teacher, Small is pioneering organic food security in Cleveland, Detroit, Louisville and other … Continued

Gary Hirshberg: Organic CE-Yo

The fearless leader of Stonyfield Farm talks with us about profitablity, GMOs and soil. Gary Hirshberg, CE-Yo of yogurt company Stonyfield Farm, is coming to the Rodale Institute’s Organic Pioneer awards September 16th to talk about the humble beginnings of … Continued