organic food

Why I only eat organic apples and why you should, too

By Coach Mark Smallwood Originally appeared at Apples. Apples are the single most pesticide-contaminated produce item available at the grocery store. If you had to choose just one item from your grocery list to buy organic, make it organic … Continued

Apple Tasting Guide

They say variety is the spice of life and, boy, do we have variety here in the Rodale Institute organic orchards. Some of our apples you’ll recognize as widely-available and familiar favorites, but some you will only find here. As … Continued

Organic Pioneer: Bob Quinn

Bob Quinn is a fourth-generation farmer and tireless scientist who popularized the ancient khorasan wheat with his company Kamut International. He was one of the first 100 percent certified organic farms in Montana and made the connection between healthy whole-grains and artisan bread … Continued

The farmer connection

By Mary Waldner, Mary’s Gone Crackers Chairman & Co-Founder Eating consciously has always been a priority for me. I have a deep abiding love of natural grocery stores and co-ops, and I’ve been a self-described “food freak” for several decades. … Continued