ASC Intern Journal: Roots Rising

By Heather E. Smith, ASC intern I’ve got a vision to start an urban farm which improves access to healthy foods in underserved communities and engages people in the meaningful, sustainable work of growing food. My future non-profit organization will … Continued

Antibiotic apples

Concern over antibiotics in organic apples raises serious doubts for consumers, but is anyone telling the whole story? Our orchardist hasn’t had to use antibiotics on our apple trees here at Rodale Institute, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t consider … Continued

From CSA to HMO

By Nicole Tichenor, M.S. Building a more sustainable food system requires rethinking how we produce, transport and consume food. It means considering multiple facets of sustainability – ecological, economic, social – and acting in ways that best promote these throughout … Continued