crop rotation

(Almost) never too late to plant hairy vetch

By Genevieve Slocum with Dave Wilson Originally posted February 5, 2009 As a research intern at the Rodale Institute in 2006, I was lucky to be part of a dormant seeding trial using, creatively, the winter annual cover crop hairy … Continued

A truly regenerative agriculture

By Kyle Holzhueter Originally posted on January 7, 2005 Editor’s Note: A shorter version of this article appears in the Jan./Feb. 2005 issue of PASA Passages, the newsletter of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture ( Imagine assembling a self-contained, … Continued

Create a line-up that ensures healthy soil and earns a profit

By Mary-Howell Martens (with Klaas’ help!), Lakeview Organic Grain Originally posted on March 8, 2003 Back in the mid 1980’s, when I was working in the grape breeding program at Cornell University, I spent many weekends doing volunteer promotions for … Continued