Transition to Organic Handbook

A guide for those who have taken the Transition to Organic Course.


Rodale Institute

This handbook was created in response to farmers who completed Rodale Institute’s online Transition to Organic course and wanted a guide they could take into the field to reference.

The online course is a 15 hour education program designed to help you understand the National Organic Standards and how to use them as a framework for transitioning to organic production methods.

Both the online course and this printed version are hosted by Jeff Moyer, who has been the farm manager at Rodale Institute for over 30 years. The course and this handbook address:

  • Fundamental principles of organic agriculture
  • Practical details about organic crop and livestock production
  • Marketing opportunities available to organic producers
  • Recordkeeping and other requirements of organic certification
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Printed in 2011, 240 pages, paperback, spiral bound