Sample spreadsheets from Quiet Creek Farm CSA

John and Aimee Good of Quiet Creek Farm CSA wrote a great article about pre-season planning and the documents they use to keep track of everything from their crop lists to their greenhouse plans to the field. We had so many requests from readers for sample plans, we asked the Goods if they would be willing to share some more details from their actual documents. They were gracious enough to provide the following snips straight from their farm to yours.

A few notes on abbreviations:
• TP or TPO = Transplant or transplants out
• DS = Direct seed
• "Seeds for Greenhouse" column on sheet 3 is used to calculate seed order amounts
• The number of plants needed is in parenthesis
• The number of seeds needed to achieve that many transplants is the first number
• The "Plate and Notch" column on sheet 2 is a note on seeder setting for DS crops and in-row spacing on TP crops

Good luck! But remember, “These are just a template,” says John. “We encourage others to create their own spreadsheets that best meet their needs.”

SHEET 1: Master Crop Plan



SHEET 2: Field Plan



SHEET 3: Greenhouse Plan


John and Aimee Good run Quiet Creek Farm, a mixed vegetable operation, at the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA. They can be found online at

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  1. Ethan

    These links are not available!! Please fix them I’ve used them before and they are so helpful to young farmers!

    Thanks for all you do RI

  2. Ethan

    Please re upload these links, they have been so helpful to me in the past but they are not working now!

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  3. Sean

    Thank you for embedding the links. So helpful not having to reinvent the wheel! FYI others just click on the spread sheets to download/get the link!


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