Rodale Institute Names Jeff Tkach Chief Growth Officer

Rodale Institute today announced that Jeff Tkach has been named chief growth officer, effective July 1. In this newly created role, Tkach will lead a comprehensive development program that includes marketing and communications in addition to fundraising initiatives. He will report to Executive Director Jeff Moyer.

Tkach will be responsible for expanding Rodale Institute’s corporate and individual donor base, and for building a comprehensive long-term endowment strategy. He will also oversee execution of all marketing, public relations and development efforts across the enterprise in order to expand Rodale Institute’s global reach and brand awareness.

“Jeff has the perfect background for this position: a proven talent for creating successful strategic partnerships and a deep passion for the work we do to advance regenerative organic agriculture,” said Maria Rodale, CEO of Rodale Inc. and co-chair of Rodale Institute. “I’m confident that he will provide the expertise and vision required to further develop our donor base and drive Rodale Institute’s continued growth and leadership in the organic agriculture community.”

Tkach served on the development committee of Rodale Institute’s Board of Directors in 2016, where he was instrumental in galvanizing relationships between the organization and business leaders in the organic food industry. With the commencement of his role as chief growth officer, Tkach will resign from his position as a Board member.

Prior to joining the Rodale Institute, Tkach served as managing director, vice president of Rodale’s Organic Life and Prevention at Rodale Inc. where he led efforts across print and digital advertising, sales and marketing functions, digital, live events and e-tailing components. Jeff also spent time as vice president of sales and marketing at Life Time Fitness and also served as group publisher at Active Interest Media (AIM) from 2013-2015, overseeing Yoga Journal and Vegetarian Times. Additionally, he held various positions at Organic Gardening from 2009-2013, including associate publisher and publisher.

“Over the years that I’ve worked closely with Jeff, I have been continuously impressed by his ability to develop relationships that genuinely accomplish the goals of all parties involved,” said Jeff Moyer. “During his time at Rodale Inc., Jeff formed numerous strategic partnerships between our organization and Organic Life that turned advertising partners into active corporate donors and brought the transformational work we do to consumers around the country. The Institute gained new support, and the advertisers were able align with an organization that does work that is meaningful to their customers. I’m eager to see Jeff bring his energy and unique set of skills to the table to drive results for the Institute.”

A Pennsylvania native, Tkach earned a degree in business marketing from Kutztown University and a post graduate “Authentic Leadership Certificate” from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. He regularly speaks at various industry organizations and non-profits to help others achieve vibrant health through better lifestyle choices as inspired by his work at Naropa.

5 Responses to “Rodale Institute Names Jeff Tkach Chief Growth Officer”

  1. david tillman

    Hey there, it’s your dinner buddy from the David Whyte Kripalu weekend checking in to say HI, and congrats on the new responsibilities. Well done man, and undoubtedly equally very well deserved.
    Reading this new about ascending to CGO brought back a discussion we had over our one dinner regarding the creation of a natural/organic (and there IS a difference) skincare line that could partner with Rodale and what you guys do.
    Is that something you might be interested in revisiting, or is it an idea/concept that has come and gone?
    Warm NY regards and when next here, let’s grab lunch, drinks, dinner, whatever time you could spare.

  2. Amanda

    Wow! Huge congrats, Jeff! And congrats to RI. Powerful changes ???

  3. Jeanette Dennis


    Wanted to extend my congratulations on the new role. Your passion and commitment will serve the institute well.

    All the best to you.

  4. Peter Jurew

    Wow, talk about perfect alignment of man and mission! Well done, RI, and congrats Jeff!


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