Rodale Institute Executive Director Promotes Healthy Soil in Italy

Rodale Institute’s Executive Director Jeff Moyer traveled to Italy to assist in the invitation of a new healthy soil project in the Marche region of Italy.

The group at Laudazi Farm

In the beginning of April, Jeff met with representatives from Agricoltura per la Rigenerazione Controllata dell’Ambiente (ARCA), a company aiming to develop, demonstrate, and diffuse agronomic techniques that regenerate soil. ARCA discussed their project aimed to introduce organic farming in a section of the Marche region. In Italy, organic agriculture is referred to as “bio-conservative” to make farmers more aware of the importance of soil health.

As an introduction to the project, Jeff visited Loccioni Group, an engineering company, including the company’s Leaf Community, the first eco-sustainable completely integrated community in Italy. The tour also included farm visits to Laudazi and Pieralisi where the soil was examined and a future agronomic plan was discussed. The proposed project included Italy’s third largest poultry producer, Fileni, where the group toured their facilities as well as the producer’s farm.

Leaf Community, the first eco-sustainable completely integrated community in Italy

Exploring Laudazi Farm

Analyzing soil at Pieralisi Farm

Chickens at Fileni Farm

The main goal of the project is to develop, test, and demonstrate organic farming techniques more focused on soil health than the ones normally practiced in the Marche region. With the support of local agronomists and university agriculture professors, Rodale Institute will assist in adapting our practices to their specific area.

If the project proves to be successful, ARCA’s highest goal is to host a Regional Resource Center-type office in the Marche region of Italy. This could be a location where people from the U.S. and Italy work together for the advancement and expansion of organic agriculture practices in the region.

Dinner at Sant'Urbano Abbey

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