Rodale Institute Awarded Grant for Bat Research

The Rodale Institute announces a $5,000 grant from the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. This funding will support the two year project titled “Investigating Bat Activity in Various Agricultural Landscapes to Develop Organic Insect Pest Management”.

img_20160419_113756The project began this past spring and will continue on throughout 2017. The objective of this study is to assess bat populations and activities using acoustic monitoring equipment and installing bat houses. This project takes place at sites under a variety of land uses to identify tools to enhance bat activities for Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Sites include orchards, vegetable crops, grain crops, ponds, and riparian areas. To date the project has installed a total of 11 bat houses at 3 different farms in Pennsylvania, all of which will be monitored for bat occupancy rates. The Rodale Institute thanks the Ian Somerhalder Foundation for their support and commitment to the environment and wildlife.

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