Water Purification Eco-Center


Research studies on small constructed wetland systems such as this one are few and far between. Our team of scientists are collecting and testing water samples between each section of the wetland and from the soil surrounding each area. Extensive analysis of the water tests for various biological contaminates and ensures the water leaving the system is scrubbed clean, polished and safe to release to the surrounding landscape. Because this system adds at least two additional cleansing steps to the water that would normally be released from a traditional septic system, the end product is that much cleaner.

Water quality

Bi-monthly water samples are analyzed for nitrate, organic nitrogen, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (CBOD), fecal coliform count, total phosphorus, dissolved oxygen, and total dissolved solids.

Soil quality

Soil samples were collected from the site at the beginning of the project as a baseline measurement of soil quality in the area. Annual sampling around each component of the wetland and from the irrigated soil tests for nitrogen, phosphorus, fecal coliform, and pH. More frequent testing will take place if indicated by water quality results.