Shumei Natural Agriculture

Basic Principles

Art and beauty are very important components of Natural Agriculture gardening. Mokichi Okada was an art connoisseur and taught that art and beauty have the ability to transform the human being and elevate human consciousness.

Continuous cropping is the practice of growing the same crop in the same space year after year. According to Natural Agriculture principles and philosophies the soil has the inherent ability to evolve and adapt to growing certain crops, increase productivity and minimize insect problems. Similarly, each generation of seed improves as it adapts to a particular soil and environment, leading to healthier crops.



Seed saving is fundamental to long-term sustainability. Seeds are respected for their natural purity and are not manipulated. Seed saving helps the crop adapt to the soil, environment and climate, thus increasing the vigor of the seed.

Respect, patience and concern for nature are central tenants of Natural Agriculture. By letting nature take its course, listening to and learning from it, the gardener or farmer works with the natural system instead of controlling or battling against it.




Raising seedlings in unadulterated pure soil from your garden is very important to starting healthy plants. Soil amendments such as perlite, vermiculite and peat are not used in the soil mix.

Compost is used to keep the soil temperate to improve the water holding capacity and to prevent soil compaction. Natural Agriculture compost is comprised of various plant materials from the immediate garden area.