Organic Livestock Class

Shelby Dukes, Animal Husbandry Coordinator at Rodale Institute, educated the class on both organic chicken and organic hog production. The group learned the process of raising chickens for eggs and how to humanely raise organic pork. These classes helped the OFCP students to learn how to organically raise their own livestock on pasture, which not only cuts feed costs, but also improves the lives of the animals.

OFCP students learned how rotating livestock keeps the animals healthy by giving them fresh forage and interrupting parasite life cycles. Temporary paddocks are set up, with the animals regularly being moved to fresh ones, so the previous pasture can have time to regenerate and regain nutrients. The students also learned about the livestock facilities and housing on the farm. The Rodale Institute Organic Hog Facility is a scalable model, so the students can apply it to their own farms regardless of size. With the knowledge gained from these classes, OFCP participants can raise their own organic livestock to be happy and healthy on their farms.

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