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Farm Membership Criteria
A farmer seeking farm membership with the Organic Farmers Alliance (OFA) should meet the following criteria:
• Hold a current U.S. organic crop, wild crop and/or livestock certificate.
• Endorse the mission, vision, values and guiding principles of OFA.
• Pay the annual OFA membership dues.
• Complete OFA farm member form/application.

Farm Membership responsibilities:
• Participate in OFA policy development process and share how current and proposed agricultural policy and market circumstances affect their operations.
• Promote and support the principles and values of OFA.
• Participate in OFA policy voting and Governing Council nomination and election.

Farm Members are encouraged to: 
• Contribute to OFA activities and communications by sharing new ideas, opinions, best practices and other important and relevant news related to building a stronger organic farmer voice and movement.
• Participate in collaborative activities to advocate for policies that benefit the success and growth of organic farmers¹.
• Participate in OFA leadership and committee work.
• Promote the work of the OFA.
• Recruit new members.
• Link to the OFA website from their farm’s website.

Farm Member benefits:
• A strong national voice representing organic farmer interests; tools and training.
• Access to timely information critical to the organic farmer’s operation.
• One Farm, One Vote:  In our membership structure, every certified organic farm, and every certified organic farmer, is created equal. Regardless of the size of an operation, the farmer gets one vote on policy and regulatory issues. Everyone has a voice at the table and everyone is represented equally. Must be a member in good standing.
• Representation by OFA Lobbyist.
• New Farm magazine subscription.
• Access to webinars and discounts to workshops and events.
• Opportunity to share information among farmers from across the nation.

Farm Membership dues²:
1. $100 per Farm (certificate)
2. At a reduced rate of $75 if farm currently holds a farm membership with an OFA organization member.

¹OFA acknowledges that across the country different terms are used within the agricultural community. When OFA uses the term “organic farmers,” it includes both certified organic farmers and ranchers as well as organic producers exempt from certification (grossing under $5,000 annually).
²Scholarships could be made available if cannot afford for Organization Member or Farmer Members, on a case by case basis.