New Farmers: Meet the Skokans

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Meet Jill and Eric Skokan of Black Cat Farm in Boulder, CO

Why did you become farmers?

Eric: Jill and I own and operate two res- taurants, and we decided that we could no longer serve mediocre produce to people in our community. We started growing food our- selves so we’d get the varieties and quality we wanted, picked fresh. We quickly evolved from a large garden to a small farm.

Why did you choose to get organic certifica- tion for your farm?
Eric: The gate to our farm has always been open, and we’re known and trusted in our community. Now that we sell our products to a wider region, the label is for people who don’t know us or our reputation.
Jill: From a logistics perspective, organic certification helps us because it increases our access to land for leasing. Here in Boulder, the community has voted to sup- port organic agriculture, so the certification opens doors [to more land] for us.

What are your toughest challenges?
Eric: Organic farming is labor-intensive, and organic farmers already have a chronic labor shortage. Policies affecting migrant workers could make the problem much worse.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since you started?
Eric: You can design farming systems that do a lot of work for you. We raise hogs on pasture for their help with build- ing the soil. They’re 160-pound manure spreaders that walk.

What do you find most rewarding about being organic farmers?
Eric: Personally, I love quiet mornings as I’m working around the farm and thinking about what food I’m going to make that day. Jill: The farm is the next step to what we do at the restaurants—bringing good food to people. It feels like a responsibility to me.

Why was it important to you to join OFA?
Jill: We wanted to be part of the organic- farming community. We’re a minority in agriculture, but we believe in the power of people working together.

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