Farm Photo Friday: July 4, 2014

Every Friday we share some snaps from our 333-acres in Kutztown, PA. Our photographers? The staff members who keep this farm chugging along. Enjoy a sneak peek at what’s going on here at Rodale Institute!

Research intern Marissa Wagner waters a test plot that is part of the weed management research project seeking to find out which plants serve best as low-growing perennial cover crops.

Demonstration garden intern Janina Griffis is hoe-pful that the corn will approve of her edging job.

Sam, did you and the tractor plan that color coordination?

Strategic Solutions team member Kate Harms working with members of the Del Val Veterans Organic Farming program to innoculate shiitake logs. They should probably shii-take a break soon. Thanks, Fungi Perfecti, for your donation!


Sales and Marketing specialist Molly Sweitzer gives a tour of the farm to a happy couple and their families who are interested in holding their post-wedding celebration at the farm.

Animal Husbandry Coordinator Lauren Cichocki is a master manual maneuverer of manure.

Lauren continuing with her doody. All jokes aside, Lauren is contributing to what Coach calls the first, second and third most important components of organic farming - compost!

Check out these long rows of beautiful, nutrient-rich compost...

... and one of its many products. Sunflowers!

Plant Production Specialist Sam Moll harvests some fire mountain lettuce to donate to the Berks Food Bank.

Lettuce show you another man who knows how to harvest leafy greens. Mike Walker, member of the veterans organic farming program, also harvests some fire mountain.

Lewis and Clark exploring their pasture.

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