Farm Photo Friday: July 18, 2014

Every Friday we share some snaps from our 333-acres in Kutztown, PA. Our photographers? The staff members who keep this farm chugging along. Enjoy a sneak peek at what’s going on here at Rodale Institute!

This week on the farm, everyone worked hard to prepare for the Annual Field Day today.

Groundskeeper Bill Lenhard mows the grounds to make sure the farm looks nice for visitors. Mow grass, mow problems.

Meanwhile, the goats are doing some mowing of their own. Alfalfa takes advantage of his mother's stature to reach some of the tall pieces.

Here is proof of a job well done - this is where the goats used to live. Notice how the grass is low and walkable. Nice job, goats!

Ross Duffield, Farm Manager, also does his part to get the farm ready for Field Day by cleaning up the edges of the rye field.

He took a break to show us how he knows when the rye crops are ready to be harvested with a combine.

First, separate out the seeds by rolling a piece of rye in your hands.

Then, blow the chaff away from the seeds.

Bite one of the seeds that remains. If it is crunchy and not soft, it is ready to be combined!

Elsewhere on the farm, even the oxen want to look their best for Field Day.

Volunteers help by brushing their coats. Lookin' good!

The new chicks' only job is to keep getting cuter...

... come chick them out at Field Day!

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