Farm Photo Friday: April 4, 2014

Every Friday we share some snaps from our 333-acres in Kutztown, PA. Our photographers? The staff members who keep this farm chugging along. Enjoy a sneak peek at what’s going on here at Rodale Institute!

Rick Carr, Compost Production Specialist, explains where it all started.  As a young composter, he met someone wearing a Master Composter hat.  He needed a hat like that.  And now he has one.  If you're in the neighborhood, check out Rick's workshop tomorrow, Backyard Composting.

What else do we have on the calendar?  Well our Cold Crop Plant Sale is coming up very soon.  How soon?  Well, it's April 11th and 12th, but please don't say it too loud around Sam Moll, Greenhouse Manager and Food Production Specialist - he's swamped with Cold Crop work right about now!

But never worry - nothing sets Sam at ease like transplanting flowers in the hoop house!  See?  Sam's got this under control.

Aren't they beauties?

Even the new interns from our Agriculture Supported Communities (ASC) program are helping out! Say hello to Alexander Breeden (near) & John Tabor (far, and yet not so far).

Some more introductions!  (left to right)  A very warm welcome to Kathline Chery, Olivia Hess, and Alex Breeden!

Taking the obligatory 'clean seeds in dirty hands' photo above and beyond!  (Hand model credit goes to Olivia Hess.)

Have you been checking our Bloom Alert?  Here's a teaser for next week's installment:

"Raindrops on crocus and whiskers on kittens..."

Elsewhere on the farm, Irwin heard a rumor that there would be hoof-cleaning for all donkeys today...  He's on the look out!

It's true!  Mr. Tuggs gets the special treatment first while Irwin waits in the wings.

Irwin is feeling like a brand new donkey!  He cuddles up with Dr. Hubert Karreman, Rodale Institute's Organic Veterinarian.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."  ~ Ferris Bueller

Here's an extra sweet shot of Tammy the Tamworth (left) and Xena, the Large Black.  The sows are in a new spot on the farm, and they are just loving it!  See for yourself...

Doesn't that smile just say it all?  You can't tell from a photo, but she was wiggling her eyebrows a la Groucho Marx...

"Oh no no no no...  Now you can take the picture - this is, by far, the better side of my profile," says Xena.

Preparations for the Cold Crop Plant Sale are not limited to the greenhouse, that's for sure!  Here, Heather Gurk, Store Manager, highlights some of the products you'll find, including Rodale Institute Apple Butter (one ingredient only: apples from our orchards!), and Rodale Institute Pumpkin Butter (same thing, but with our pumpkins, not apples...  and they're from the pumpkin patch, not the apple orchard...)!

Ever used this stuff?  It's MAGICAL.

Of course, we will have the perfect assortment of resource books for you at the Cold Crop Plant Sale!

And here's something even the kids can do easily.  We know that we often try to steer people away from food that comes from a box, but here's an exception to the rule!

In other recent Rodale Institute news, we've taken the Fightin Phils Veggie Race organic!  That's right, it's now the 'Organic Veggie Race!'  Here's Coach, Rodale Institute Executive Director, at opening night, huddling up with Organic Cauliflower (left), Organic Lettuce (front), Organic Carrot (kind of in the back there to Coach's left) and Organic Broccoli (right).  Check out the full story here.

Don’t forget… Show your organic love!

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