Learn from the Vet: Dairy Cows

Rodale Institute

Event Description:

The focus will be preventive animal husbandry and use of natural treatments that are allowed by the US National Organic Program. Participants will leave with a strong foundation in organic livestock health care strategies and farmers transitioning to organic will quickly feel at ease regarding animal health issues. Whether you have one cow, 40 cows, 100 cows or 1000 cows, you will come away from this class with sound, practical information.


Participants will learn:

The CowSignals® visual observation system

How to do a complete physical examination of individual animals

How to roll a cow, pass a stomach tube to pump a stomach, give an IV, lift a hoof and apply a treatment, give homeopathic and botanical remedies, locate and utilize acupuncture points. Other procedures depending on cows.


These classes are loaded with practical information and action packed. Ample contact time with Dr. Karreman will be available. Each class is divided in classroom time and hands-on animal demonstrations in the barn and/or pasture (depends on season).


Areas to be covered:

•           Prevention

•           Grazing & nutrition perspectives

•           Allowed conventional treatments

•           Biological medicines

•           Botanical medicines

•           Acupuncture & Homeopathy


Veterinary issues will cover:

•           Udder/ milk quality/mastitis

•           Pneumonia

•           Digestion

•           Reproduction/Fertility/Infertility

•           Calves (pre-weaned and post-weaned)

•           Lameness cause and treatment

•           Whole animal issues


Customized classes are available for other time and locations with advance arrangements for groups of 15 or more participants. Please call or email Maria Pop, Education & Outreach Manager at: 610-683-1481; maria.pop@rodaleinstitute.org


Here are some examples of combination packages:


3 day class: 1 day CowSignals® & 2 day veterinary


2 day class: 1 day CowSignals® & 1 day veterinary


1 day veterinary class


1 day CowSignals® class


½ day organic health care strategies (classroom only)


½ day CowSignals® class (classroom only)


Course tuition: $300/person. Includes Dr. Karreman's "The Barn Guide to Treating Dairy Cows Naturally" and "Treating Cows Naturaly" (AcresUSA, $80 value) . Lunch and materials are included in tuition cost. We offer a 50% tuition reduction for each additional family member registered for the same class. To take advantage of this special offer, please contact Maria Pop: maria.pop@rodaleinstitute.org, or (610) 683-1481


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.