“Drink Up” to a healthier lifestyle

By Rick Tanner, Vice President of Marketing at Nestlé Waters North America

Just a few weeks back, Nestle Waters North America CEO Tim Brown shared the stage with First Lady Michelle Obama and a dozen other public and private sector partners in Watertown, Wisconsin to announce support for the Partnership for a Healthier America’s (PHA) new “Drink Up” initiative. A powerful program with a simple message – drink more water, more often.

Why water? Drinking water is the easiest, most effective way for parents and children to adopt healthy habits as part of a healthier lifestyle. Yet, only 15% of middle school kids drink enough water to stay adequately hydrated on a daily basis, according to national research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We know that staying hydrated and getting kids to drink enough water can be challenging. Joining this program was our way of rallying with America’s purveyors of water – from U.S. mayors to parents to beverage distributors and industry groups – in support of teaching families about healthy behaviors and getting children into the habit of drinking more water.

As the leading bottled water company in the U.S., the “Drink Up” initiative is particularly important to us because we feel strongly about the key role water can play in a healthy lifestyle. For many busy parents and families that are constantly on-the-go, the portability, accessibility and variety of bottled water have helped increase America’s consumption of water in general – and that’s what matters.

Through our business we touch millions of families every day and we’re proud to provide people with more opportunity than ever to make water part of their lives.  If we can help spread the word about healthy hydration through a program like this, then we’ve done our part in this larger effort to promote healthier living.

Parents and families can show their support by making water their primary beverage of choice. So, whether it’s tap, bottled, filtered, sparkling or naturally flavored with essences – whatever the preference – as long as you’re drinking water, you’re drinking up!



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