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Ergothioneine Companion Cropping

This past spring, Rodale Institute's Research Technician, Kate Harms, led a trial research project to look at the benefits of companion cropping of tomatoes and mushrooms. To increase nutrient quality and ergothioneine levels in tomatoes, ergothioneine was first examined. Ergothioneine, aka ERGO, is a naturally occurring amino acid and strong antioxidant capable of mitigating oxidative stress. In short, ERGO is a powerful antioxidant efficient enough to reduce cancer susceptibility and decrease inflammation.


Field Trip to the Seed Farm

Students in the Organic Farming Certificate Program and Veteran Farmer Training Program spent the afternoon learning about the Seed Farm in Emmaus PA, a non-profit, incubator-farm model. An incubator farm is where beginner farmers can rent small to large portions of land, equipment and receive mentoring from experienced farmers, as needed.


Organic Farming Certificate Program has a new Course


Organic Livestock Management course available in Fall 2017

 In the Fall semester of 2017, Delaware Valley University, an interdisciplinary college located in Doylestown, PA, will offer its second organic agriculture course since 2007. Ross Duffield, Farm Manager at Rodale Institute, will teach the new “Organic Livestock Management” course. (more…)

Veterans in Ag: Brandon Pinion

Brandin Pinion is an Army veteran and our newest participant in the Veteran Farmer Training Program (VFTP) at Rodale Institute.  Brandin grew up in McMinnville, Oregon where he would often help on his family farm. He then enlisted in the Army and served two years as a Combat Engineer and deployed to Afghanistan with the 3rd Combat Brigade, First Armored Division. (more…)

Future Organic Farmer: Alicia Leone

Alicia Leone is starting her Fall Semester in the Organic Farming Certificate Program (OFCP) at Delaware Valley University. After completing the Summer Semester at Rodale Institute, she is excited to be delving into the university side of organic agriculture. Alicia first heard about the program in early 2015, in Rodale’s “Organic Gardening” magazine.


OFCP students tour Wyebrook Farm

Wyebrook Farm, located in Honey Brook, PA, is a dream come true for owner Dean Carlson. Having worked in finance for 15+ years he was often perpetuating the concept that we must always want more. After a while though, he started asking the monumental question, “When is enough, enough?” That is when Dean decided he wanted to stop perpetuating the ideal-ology of you never have enough. So, he pursued his dream of having a self-sustaining farm as his contribution to the planet. (more…)

Rodale Institute Recognizes 2017 Organic Pioneer Award Recipients

Rodale Institute, a global leader in regenerative organic agriculture, will recognize three recipients for their pioneering efforts in the organic movement at the 7th Annual Organic Pioneer Awards (OPA) dinner on September 9 in Kutztown, PA. The award winners include a research scientist, farmer and entrepreneur that are leading the way to an organic planet. 2017 recipients are researcher Dr. Kathleen Delate, Iowa State University; organic farmer, Tom Beddard, Lady Moon Farms; and Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard. (more…)