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Next Generation of Organic Farmers: Veterans James & Jeremiah

Our Veteran Farming Training Program offers tailored and flexible training in organic farming. This program targets the needs of those veterans who are interested in organic agriculture, but are not sure if they want to make a career change into agriculture. (more…)

The Honeybee Conservancy at Rodale Institute

The Honeybee Conservancy at Rodale Institute began in 2012 in response to the major health problems that have decimated the honeybee population in North America. Colony collapse disorder (CCD) still results in a 30% death rate every winter for these valuable pollinators with no answer in sight. (more…)

Next Generation of Organic Farmers: Denison University

Rodale Institute has the opportunity to work with many different students and interns from all over the world. Many of our interns continue onto successful careers in organic agriculture, taking with them the insightful knowledge they learned while working on the farm. In our new series, "Next Generation of Farmers," we'll be sharing the background stories and organic agriculture goals of all our interns, students, and veterans. (more…)

Organic No-Till Corn Production

Rodale Institute Executive Director, Jeff Moyer, Associate Research Scientist, Dr. Gladis Zinati, and other credited experts contributed to a research publication facilitated by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension. This publication discusses cover crop management and starter fertilizer considerations for producers interested in organic no-till corn production. These findings were written and published for the North Carolina Cooperative Extension. (more…)

Crop Performance in Farming Systems Trial

In its 35th year of existence, the Farming Systems Trial (FST) at Rodale Institute continues to demonstrate, through scientific research data, that organic farming is superior to conventional systems with regard to building, maintaining and replenishing the health of the soil. This is the key to regenerative agriculture as it provides the foundation for its present and future growth. (more…)

Facilities Team Member

Facilities Team Member

The Facilities Team Member will work day to day in the upkeep of all Rodale Institute buildings and their required maintenance. The Facilities Team member will work together with other team members to be sure all tasks, projects and maintenance needs are handled in a timely, professional, efficient and cost effective manner. (more…)