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  1. Mica Sunderm

    I recently ran across the details of your Heritage Pastured Pigs class in an old issue of Grit magazine.
    Do you have any resources for me on heritage pigs and pasturing them?
    I would appreciate any leads. Thank you,

  2. Lisa Benton

    I am interested in attending this event tomorrow.
    Is the class filled up or is there room for me to attend?
    Lisa Benton

  3. Chris McGuire

    Hi, I found out about this yesterday but just now got a chance to look it over. I am an OIF/OEF veteran and I would love to find out more about the program. Is there space available for the information even/bbq tomorrow by any chance? It would be myself and my fiance/cargiver who would attend. Sorry for the late questions.
    Thanks, Chris


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