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Organic System Plan
Crop Conversion Calculator
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Navigating the Tools

The navigation area consists of a series of buttons located in the left column on the screen. Two areas are "secure" or password protected to guard your information - Organic System Plan and FarmSelect®. The table summarizes each button.
The HOME button is your central point of start and return for the tools. It houses the Welcome page and a brief overview of the Organic System Plan and FarmSelect®.
The main menu is below the HOME and button. You can click each button to go to a section of the tools. Let's review what is in each module.
  • Getting Started takes you to an introduction and tutorial of the Organic System Plan and FarmSelect® tools.
  • Login/Register allows you to login or register to save your information in the Organic System Plan and FarmSelect® tools.
  • Organic System Plan is a set of forms you can fill out to obtain organic certification.
    • Organic Farm Plan
    • Farm Plan Update
    • Organic Livestock Plan
  • FarmSelect® is an online farm simulation that allows you to compare the profitability of your farm under different scenarios.
  • FarmSelect® Classic is a minimal version of FarmSelect that allows you to model a single field on your farm and compare profitability between farming systems using data from the USDA and The Rodale Institute.
  • Online Course takes you to The Rodale Institute's organic training course.
  • Demo will log you into a "demo" account where you can view sample farm simulations in FarmSelect® and sample Organic System Plans.

You will notice the use of status icons throughout FarmSelect®, especially in the left navigation area. The table below can be used as a guide to better understand what these icons represent:
Icon Description
Field has been completed or is not applicable
A required field must be completed
No checkboxes selected (requires manual confirmation)