Organic 3.0

By Peggy Miars, OMRI Executive Director/CEO and member of the IFOAM World Board As organic stakeholders and advocates, we have certainly reached thousands of consumers over the years with our message of improved health and environmental stewardship. But beyond growth, … Continued

Master Composters of Rodale Institute

“In the compost heap, a transformation from life to death and back again is taking place.”  -J.I. Rodale According to the US EPA, in the United States food wastes and yard debris represent approximately 45% of the garbage generated by … Continued

Animal Husbandry Coordinator Needed!

Rodale Institute is seeking an enthusiastic and energetic new team member! Rodale Institute’s Animal Husbandry Coordinator will oversee the care, feeding and breeding of Rodale Institute’s growing array of organically raised livestock. We currently have hogs, chickens, goats, oxen, donkeys and … Continued