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Everyone ‘kneads’ more local grain

There is a quiet but swiftly moving current of “grain collaboration” happening throughout New England. Consumers are demanding local grains and even eagerly joining a unique heritage grain CSA, growers are working together to find the most suitable varieties and bakers are proudly displaying racks of bread made from wheat grown in nearby fields. From northern Maine to western Massachusetts, the movement is getting stronger as “our daily bread” becomes synonymous with “locally-grown-grain bread.”

Vintage NF: Beyond Your Own Fence Posts

Organic farming is not just about making a higher profit. Sure, we have to make a living. And, sure, we live and die on the gritty details of compost and cover crops, tillers and no-till. But we are stewards of more than just our soil and our farm.

The Art of Animal Husbandry

By Dr. Hubert Karreman Practitioners of the art of animal husbandry have the ability to understand the workings of a farm that a person steeped in science will never come close to understanding in its strict methodological manner. Whereas animal … Continued