Organic Pioneer Awards

A Pioneer Looks Forward

When Nebraska farmer David Vetter sold his first crop of organic soybeans to White Wave in 1977, soymilk was a niche product few people had ever heard of and national standards for organic farmers were a far-off dream for Rodale Institute and … Continued

Organic Pioneer: Dr. David Pimentel

Major issues associated with industrial food production led Dr. David Pimentel to research human population and to champion pesticide reduction and energy conservation. Pimentel is Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University and coauthored the 22-year review of the … Continued

Organic Pioneer: Bob Quinn

Bob Quinn is a fourth-generation farmer and tireless scientist who popularized the ancient khorasan wheat with his company Kamut International. He was one of the first 100 percent certified organic farms in Montana and made the connection between healthy whole-grains and artisan bread … Continued

Organic Pioneer: Maurice Small

This urban garden pied piper helps inner-city communities transform empty, blighted lots into green and growing nutritional and financial resources. Part farmer, part passionate activist and part teacher, Small is pioneering organic food security in Cleveland, Detroit, Louisville and other … Continued