Gross National Wholeness

By Martin Ping Few things in life elicit more happiness and joy than the first signs of spring. Especially after experiencing a genuine winter that seemed oblivious to the calendar and in no hurry to depart. The re-emergence of the … Continued

Commuting Farm Worker

Rodale Institute is looking for three commuting workers to aid in general farm tasks at a new site in Easton, Pennsylvania.  The farm will be growing 12 varieties of produce on 5 acres using organic methods and following Good Agricultural … Continued

Bloom Alert: April 15, 2014

The daffodils are blooming! While we all wait for the tulips to open, stop by our Garden Store for organic daffodils.  The bright cheery yellow blooms make an excellent gift and look fabulous on your kitchen table. But there are … Continued

Transition to Organic: Pest and disease management

Conventional agricultural systems increase food production per acre but can deplete natural resources and degrade crop and environmental health. By implementing organic farming as an alternative production system, growers may substitute cultural and biological inputs for synthetically-made chemicals and fertilizers … Continued