Animal Husbandry Coordinator Needed!

Rodale Institute is seeking an enthusiastic and energetic new team member!

Rodale Institute's Animal Husbandry Coordinator will oversee the care, feeding and breeding of Rodale Institute's growing array of organically raised livestock. We currently have hogs, chickens, goats, oxen, donkeys and sheep.

Our Animal Husbandry Coordinator will work closely with members of the research and education teams on issues related to livestock.

♦ Feed, water and care for all livestock on Institute property.
♦ Respond to emergency situations involving livestock.
♦ Clean and maintain all barns, pens and other facilities housing livestock.
♦ Prepare livestock for breeding purposes.
♦ Operate farm equipment as needed.
♦ Assist in creating models for other small farm operations.
♦ Conduct animal/farm field days.
♦ Daily data collection on research and production activities.
♦ Monitor and control resources by assisting in developing budgets.
♦ Assist SST staff in carrying out their responsibilities.
♦ Assist in promoting sales of farm animal products through product development and customer relationships.
♦ Ability to participate in research projects; testing, gathering and compiling data.
♦ Operate farm and landscaping equipment as needed.
♦ Assist in preparing and giving oral presentations to scientific communities, governmental decision-makers, private environmental groups, and farmers.
♦ Able to work independently and assist in making strategic decisions with the Strategic Solutions Team.
♦ Perform other duties as assigned by management.

♦ Caring and compassionate with animals.
♦ 2 or more years’ experience in animal husbandry of farm animals (cows, goats, pigs, and/or horses) – including administering veterinary treatments, including injections, if needed.
♦ Capable of lifting feed bags, hay bales and other materials in excess of 50 pounds.
♦ Experience in operating farm equipment.
♦ Ability to work in all types of weather.
♦ Be active member of our team, yet work independently as needed.
♦ Possess good communications skills – both written and verbal.
♦ Flexible in work hours as farm work can be unpredictable.

Pick up supplies and parts for livestock and equipment as requested.

Other Institutional Expectations:
To be trustful and respectful to all staff and visitors.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to

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